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Geometry Algorithm of Height Balance Polygons Method for Estimating the Areal Rainfall of Watershed


徐昇網自動分析 Thiessen 0.1.7 Beta Package all files of this model, please use setup.exe to setup this model
  Thiessen 0.1.9 Beta Add multi-languages code for this model, you can unzip and overwrite all files.  Multi-languages has been developing, the final version will higher then 0.2.0 and re-packaged.  Now, have two languages, one is "Chinese_Taiwan", another is "English_United_States". 



You can change Default=1033 , to assign use English language. 

If you have be write other language or better, and you can share and free to other, please mail to me.

  Screen Saver The screen saver has show thiessen polygons method (TPM) and height balance polygons method (HBPM) auto-computing.  The new screen saver need overwrite 0.1.7.

Using this Program

1. Thiessen Polygon: Open a data-file and click on a toolbar to select 繪製徐昇網.

2. Height Balance Polygon: Open a data-file and click on a toolbar to select 繪製高度平衡多邊形網.

3. Undo: You can click 回復原圖, and replay to get another data analysis with combination of rainfall station.

4. Thiessen screen-saver is the best choice to show-off professionalism of hydraulics engineer.

Thiessen screen-saver's data get from 'scrThiessen.ini'; it has the same format data and sample. It could analysis in useful ram in system allowably, and without any restriction. And you can put your data in 'scrThiessen.ini'; Thiessen screen-saver will take a random sample and show the solution. When you setup this program, 'Thiessen.scr' and 'scrThiessen.ini' are setup into 'Windows\SYSTEM' automatically. You can judge whether the Thiessen Program is a suitable model or not.

Specialty of Program

Geometry algorithm makes program fast and exact.

Draws first page diagram just only take 7 seconds with Pentium 233 MMX. (9 rainfall stations and water front 688 polygon)

Use geometry analysis in totality. It is faster than using ArcView 3.x grid analysis which take 1~4 hours. And grid analysis must depend on a small number of grids.

Intersection analysis of two polygons, we take geometry analysis. It is more accurate than ArcView 3.x and geometry analysis just get more coordinate of intersection. But ArcView 3.x with grid analysis will produce much trustless ladder and largeness point of polygon.

Support ArcView's Picture-Format, and Descend Time of Digital Coordinate

The program can input and output ArcView shape file (*.shp), and produce shape index (*.shx) and dBASE IV (*.dbf). It will reduce time and apply ArcView to more fields.

On another way, it can use river-basin polygon to input ArcView's data format, output and save for *.txt.

Support Enhanced Metafile (EMF)

Model can export EMF include all layers or user selected. EMF can easy to use in word, powerpoint or others softwares which support emf.

Provide compute with all combination of Thiessen Polygon

In Tsengwen Reservoir Control Center, prevent-flood-immediately-control maybe have some breakdown of electricity fidelity rainfall station, and it will make Thiessen weight oh nine stations cannot analysis. This program can compute new solution again immediately.

In Future

Ver. 0.2.0 Bata: Multi-language will be developed

Key Word: Thiessen Polygon, Tin, Intersection, Areal Rainfall, Height Balance Polygon

If you have any problem, please use Alt+Print+Screen copy your screen and your data E-mail to me. I will deal with your question as fast as soon.

The test edition could compute 10 rainfall stations and less than 20 point's polygon. And the test edition was computed GISTest.TXT. If you want have a model, reference GISTest.TXT to modify.


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A .Net framework component is dllThiessen.dll, Online Web sample

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